Analisi dei costi del Vista Content Protection

Interessante lettura sui costi del Content Protection di Microsoft Vista: Windows Vista includes an extensive reworking of core OS elements in order to provide content protection for so-called “premium content”, typically HD data from Blu-Ray and HD-DVD sources. Providing this protection incurs considerable costs in terms of system performance, system stability, technical support overhead, and … Continua a leggere


SQL Injection: novità da HP e Microsoft

HP e Microsoft hanno rilasciato due tool per l’analisi del codice alla ricerca di SQL injection HP Scrawlr: Scrawlr, developed by the HP Web Security Research Group in coordination with the MSRC, is short for SQL Injector and Crawler. Scrawlr will crawl a website while simultaneously analyzing the parameters of each individual web page for … Continua a leggere


Nuovo standard per la sicurezza mobile (3G)

La TIA ha pubblicato uno standard, IMS Security Framework (TIA-1091), sulla sicurezza delle tecnologie 3G. Questo è l’abstract: TIA-1091 addresses the access and network security for IP-based services. The scope for this document is to specify the security features and mechanisms for secure access to the IM subsystem (IMS) for the 3G mobile telecommunication system. … Continua a leggere